“Wow, the past couple energy bills sure have been rough!” This is common for us to hear this time of year.

Winter is in full-swing and we’ve all received one or two energy bills that prove this to be true. Yes, part of the reason is because your furnace is kicking on more often, but there are a few other reasons that you can control. One simple visit from our Ranger Heating and Cooling team could literally pay for itself in one month of savings.

  • If your furnace isn’t maintained, especially if it has dust and buildup, it will have to run much harder which increases energy consumption.
  • It could also be the type of filters you are using; we’ll gladly look to ensure you are using the best ones for your system. A more effective approach may be allowing us to install a medical grade air purification element to your furnace. This ensures your air remains clean and eliminates the need for costly filters. Added layers force your furnace to push harder than necessary.
  • Dialing in your thermostat is another element that is often overlooked. Our team is happy to look to ensure it’s set to be efficient when we’re out providing maintenance, repair or installation… just ask.
  • Lastly, it may be time to make the investment! It may seem more cost effective to just ride out that old furnace, but the amount of money you may be throwing away on a monthly basis – could add up to the cost of a replacement.

We’d love to come assess your situation and help you decide the best approach. We can also help pair you with the best Energy-Smart Loans. For roughly $7.50 per $1,000 financed, you can enjoy a healthy, efficient, and cost-effective HVAC system. Puget Sound Energy also offers rebates up to $1,800 for converting to more efficient heating sources. Read more about this on our Financing page. Give us a quick ring and we’ll gladly answer your questions and get you on the schedule: (253) 336-3777.

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