Save energy… and instead of throwing money away each month, invest it with an end in sight.

If you have an old furnace/HVAC system, it’s very possible that the money you’re throwing away could be put towards an Energy-Smart Loan while also leveraging energy rebates (up to $1,800) for a new energy efficient investment. Sometimes it’s nice to see a quick breakdown of what savings really looks like; we’ll take a moment to do that for you.

It wouldn’t be unusual for you to save 20% to 50% a month with an energy efficient unit. Here’s a great article from the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy ( that breaks down your potential savings. Here’s a quick example using industry averages:

  • If you invest $10,000 and you apply a $1,500 rebate, you’re already reducing your investment to $8,500.
  • The average monthly payment for an Energy-Smart Loan is $7.50 per $1,000 financed, equaling a $65 a month payment.
  • Your new unit saves you $125 a month on your utility bill.
  • $125 monthly savings minus a $65 loan payment, still equals $50 savings a month – or $600 a year.

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