Ranger Rewards – Referral Program

Ranger Heating & Cooling loves our customers! The greatest compliment we can get is being referred to friends, family, and neighbors. We work hard for your trust, and love the opportunity to take care of those who trust you. To say thanks, we’ve developed Ranger Rewards, a referral program to reward those who have referred someone that has purchased a furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump from us.

Ranger Rewards

Three Simple Steps!

  1. You refer a friend, family member, or neighbor.

  2. We install a furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump for them.

  3. You pick your reward.

It’s that simple! Use the form below to claim your reward. Once confirmed, your gift will typically be sent out within a week. Need it rushed for a date night or gift? Just make a note and we’ll do what we can to expedite your reward.

RangerGuard Shield

1 Year RangerGuard Membership

Valued at up to $349 for RangerGuard Platinum Renewal Memberships.

RangerGuard Platinum Renewal Memberships

$100 Gift Card to The Melting Pot

Ranger Rewards

$100 Gift Card to Mama Stortini’s

Ranger Rewards

Power Pod 360 Degree Bluetooth Speaker

Ranger Rewards

Prostyle II-XF Shoulder/Laptop Case

Prostyle’s top-of-the-line shoulder case for the traveling business professional. Will fit laptops up to 15.6″.

$100 Starbucks Card (mailed or emailed to you)

Q & A

Q. I referred someone for service or maintenance of their HVAC system. Can I pick out a Ranger Reward?

A.  First of all, thank you so much for the referral! Many of our service items actually cost less than these rewards, so we’re not able to provide Ranger Rewards for service referrals.

Q. I referred three people this month. Can I can pick out three different Ranger Rewards?

A. Absolutely! Feel free to pick out three different Ranger Rewards, or three of the same! Just specify the name of the people you referred, we’ll confirm, then send out your Ranger Rewards!

Q. I haven’t used Ranger Heating & Cooling for installation or service yet, but I know you go above and beyond to take care of your customers. Can I still claim a Ranger Reward for referring a friend, family member, or neighbor?

A. Absolutely! Whether you haven’t yet had the opportunity to work with us, or couldn’t work with us for whatever other reason, Ranger Rewards is open to anybody and everybody! Once we verify the installation, we’ll send out your reward!

Q. Can I use the form to refer a friend/family member/neighbor for a free design consultation, and claim my Ranger Reward if they a purchase heating or cooling system?

A. Of course! Many of our customers provide us the name and contact number of their friends/family members/neighbors and rely on us to schedule the design consultation and installation. Once their system is installed, we’ll send out the Ranger Reward you’ve already picked out. If you haven’t yet picked out a Ranger Reward, we’ll contact you so we know which reward to send you.

Q. I’m a RangerGuard Platinum member. Can I refer someone every year and choose RangerGuard for my Ranger Reward to continue my Platinum membership indefinitely?

A. We offer our exclusive RangerGuard Platinum memberships to customers we’ve installed new equipment for, and continue to offer that level of membership until the manufacturer’s equipment warranty expires- usually 10 years after installation. At that time, a new warranted system could be considered, or the RangerGuard membership would convert to Gold status. Either way, if you refer someone every year, you won’t ever pay for your RangerGuard membership, or the preventative maintenance tune-up and other benefits it includes.

Q. I don’t see anything I like on the list of available rewards. Can I pick out something else?

A. We’re constantly changing the list of Ranger Rewards to keep things fresh. While we can’t make any promises, let us know if there’s something you’d like to see or want and we’ll do whatever we can to get you a more customized reward, even if it doesn’t become a part of our regular offering.