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Whether you are looking to maintain your homes energy efficiency, or to “perfect your air” quality, look no further than Daikin, the world’s No.1 innovative air conditioning company.

Sold in over 160 countries, Daikin’s strong passion for developing technologies with products and services are designed to bring all your air comfort and quality needs to your home.

There are many factors that contribute to a pleasant climate in your home, and you want the reassurance knowing the air you breathe is the best quality imaginable. Our HVAC units aren’t just for summer, they also play a key role in taking the chill out of winter air. Whether the temperature drops in the winter or stays balmy in the spring and summer, it’s important for us to help keep your home comfortable and healthy using our most reliable climate solutions on the market.

Beat the heat and snuggle when it’s cold with our award-winning designs from the future. Our sleek wall mounted units blend seamlessly into any interior along with our compact design for outdoor heat pumps. Our Daikin app allows you to control the temperature and comfort in your home.


Whole House Heat Pump

Daikin’s heat pumps provide economical solutions for domestic heating and hot water supply. To help increase efficiency and savings, Daikin connects solar collectors to your heat pump system giving you the advanced technology in comfort and quietness you desire.

daikin split2 air conditioning

Split/ Multi Split

Mini splits are the easiest to install since no ductwork is needed. Daikin’s advanced heat-pump technology make these units highly energy efficient saving you money on energy bills. Daikin’s mini splits operate independently by offering individual control. If you have multiple units throughout your home, you are in complete control of which rooms are cooled.


Daikin VRV IV System

The Daikin VRV system replaces all outdoor units, with only one system connecting to your indoor duct type and hi-wall units. Super easy to install, this compact outdoor unit enables more useful floor space giving you the flexibility for décor and furniture. The swing compressor component quietly gives you the best comfort and can be connected to multiple units throughout your home.


Daikin Fit System

This system offers solutions when traditional cube styles cannot. Creating a holistic focus on performance and reliability, this inverter system continuously runs on low energy levels and ensures the air is filtered consistently. It also removes moisture from your home and controls the humidity.


Control Systems

This sleek and stylish design gives you control over your individual climate. The minimalistic touch button is easy to use whether it’s controlling the fan speed, the heating and cooling function, and which direction the air will flow. Remote access is also available, so you can control the comfort of your home.


The Daikin DX20VC

This model has a high efficiency AC system that gives you the wow factor. This system comes equipped with a sound-controlled blanket to help it run quietly, a high efficiency motor, a smart thermostat, and a high SEER rating of 21. Cool, comfortable air in your home is the end result!

*SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios) reflect the energy efficiency for your home. The more you maintain your AC systems, and keep your filters clean, the less money you will spend on electricity. One of our technicians are happy to check the SEER rating on your HVAC. Click Here To Read More