Dust is a sign… don’t ignore it.

Don’t let putting off a simple service call – end up being a need for a major investment.

We rarely think about our furnace and HVAC system. It quietly sits in the background keeping us cool or warm, depending on the season. It’s usually out of sight and out of mind… until it’s not.

At Ranger Heating & Cooling, we often receive calls where a simple service appointment to maintain a home’s furnace would have prevented the unfortunate need to replace it entirely. Imagine that fan you’ve been running in the house and the dust that accumulates over a few short weeks. Now imagine a mega fan, circulating air from every area of your home, pulling, and pushing dust, hair, dander, etc. for months on end. The buildup can not only impact your unit, but it likely has an impact on your health and cleaning efforts.

If you find yourself thinking, “I just dusted the other day,” you should consider getting on our schedule for maintenance – at the very least. If you really want to combat dust, consider having one of our affordable, medical grade air purification systems installed on your furnace. You will be amazed at the difference, you’ll breathe better, sleep better, and clean less.

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