Breathing is found to be one of our greatest healers… but what are you breathing?

Many of us strive to start our day centered, for some it’s aerobics, others it’s meditation… but in all cases, intentional breathing plays a huge part. This Scientific American report reveals the healing power of healthy breathing.

What does that have to do with your HVAC system? You’d be shocked to know all the ways your HVAC system impacts you and your family’s health. In Washington, moisture is a big issue and not having adequate circulation, filtration, and maintenance can provide a breeding ground for mold & mildew, dust & allergens, etc. Imagine trying to start your day off centered – or trying to wind down at the end of a long day to help your body recover and rest… only to realize the very breath that’s intended to heal you, could actually be making you sick.

We have entered many homes where family members assume they have a “bug” they can’t kick or feel like the allergies they are plagued with are non-negotiable. It’s so rewarding to provide much needed furnace maintenance or enhancements to a home’s HVAC system and learn that their health rebounded in a moment.

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