Are you in for a surprise with August’s energy bill? Let’s talk about leaving your AC on while you’re away.

Let us put your mind at ease. Despite what most homeowners might believe, the United States Department of Energy recommends leaving your AC on at its default temperature (just above room temperature, usually between 72 and 78 degrees) even when out of the house. But why?

Leaving the AC on prevents the temperature from rising significantly and eliminates the need for your unit to expend unnecessary energy to regulate your home’s temperature, reducing the overall workload of the unit.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the benefits.

  • Regulates temperature so drastic changes don’t overwork and put a strain on your in-home air conditioner.
  • Consistency allows your unit to run efficiently which reduces energy consumption & cost.
  • Reduces humidity and prevents mold while detouring bugs & pests that are drawn to dark, damp places.

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