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At Ranger Heating & Cooling, we are your partners in achieving complete comfort, no matter the season. Our comprehensive heating and cooling services in Gig Harbor, WA, cater to all your indoor climate needs, ensuring your home remains a haven of comfort throughout the year. With expertise spanning from furnaces to heat pumps and more, we’re dedicated to providing the solutions you need for a comfortable living environment.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Solutions

As the premier air conditioning company in Gig Harbor, we are your trusted experts for all things AC-related. Our services encompass AC installation, air conditioning repair, and maintenance, ensuring your cooling system operates optimally. Our expert team possesses the skills to diagnose and repair AC issues promptly, providing you with the benefits of improved efficiency and system longevity.

Efficient Heat Pump Repair Services

When it comes to heat pump repair, count on us for proficient troubleshooting and solutions. Functional heat pumps are essential for effective climate control, and our team is adept at identifying and addressing issues that may disrupt your comfort.

Essential Furnace Repair

Experience the vital warmth provided by your furnace with our top-notch furnace repair services. Our technicians bring repair expertise that translates into successful outcomes, ensuring your heating system operates at its best when you need it most.

The Advantage of Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are revolutionizing the way you experience comfort within your home. Enjoy the luxury of zone-based climate control, allowing you to customize the temperature of individual areas for optimal comfort. Experience installation flexibility like never before as these systems can be seamlessly mounted on walls, ceilings, or even recessed into the floor, ensuring they effortlessly blend with your interior design.

Embrace energy efficiency at its finest, as ductless mini splits are designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing performance. Our expertise extends to installation and maintenance, ensuring your ductless system operates at its peak, providing you with the ultimate comfort experience.

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