Commercial & Home HVAC in Federal Way, WA

In Federal Way, Washington, Ranger Heating & Cooling stands as your reliable HVAC partner, offering tailored solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Explore our comprehensive range of services designed to ensure your comfort and enhance your indoor environment.

Heat Pump Services

AC and Mini Split Systems

Thermostat & Furnace Repair

Efficient Home Heating Installation in Federal Way, WA

Our modern heating systems are designed for optimal energy efficiency, helping you reduce your environmental impact and lower your energy bills. An upgrade to your home heating and cooling could save you between $200-$400 annually, which is quite the savings over 10 years time.

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Furnace Repair & Replacement

A furnace is a heating system that generates heat by burning fuel (commonly natural gas, oil, or propane) and then distributes that heat throughout the home.

Heat Pump Maintenance & Service

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system that extracts heat from the air or ground outside your home and transfers it inside during the colder months. In the warmer months, it reverses the process to cool your home.

Efficient Home Heating Installation

Experience optimal efficiency with our efficiency systems service. Every year, our green appointments help save approximately 15 metric tons of carbon dioxide, thanks to your commitment to sustainability

Commercial HVAC Solutions

At Ranger Heating & Cooling, we deliver a tailored commercial HVAC service designed to meet the unique heating and cooling needs of businesses and industrial spaces. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that your commercial property remains comfortable, efficient, and conducive to productivity

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Timely HVAC Repairs

Efficient HVAC Installations


Enhancing Your Indoor Air Quality in Federal Way, WA

Extended Your HVAC System's Life & Save Money Down The Road

Prolong the life of your HVAC system in Federal Way by regularly replacing filters. Preventing debris from clogging the system not only ensures optimal performance but also reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns, contributing to long-term cost savings.


The Importance of Regular Air Filter Replacement

Clean, fresh air is vital for your well-being, and in Federal Way, WA, where environmental conditions can vary, maintaining excellent indoor air quality is paramount. Regular air filter replacement with Ranger Heating & Cooling offers a range of benefits tailored to your specific needs.

Ranger Guard Maintenance Program: Ensuring Longevity and Peace of Mind

At Ranger Heating & Cooling, we proudly introduce the Ranger Guard Maintenance Program, an exclusive offering designed to provide Federal Way, WA, residents and businesses with unparalleled peace of mind and HVAC system longevity.

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