How to Keep Your Home Cool without AC

You meant to fix, upgrade, or install air conditioning before the start of summer, and the impending heat waves, but it didn’t happen. Or you don’t have AC at all and won’t be able to install a unit in time. Or perhaps you’re just tired of being sweaty and uncomfortable inside your house. Whatever the reason, your house is sweltering, and you want relief. What to do? Try these eight practical ways to keep your house cool without AC.

  1. Take a cold bath or shower. Even a brief dip in a bath, kiddie pool, or cold shower will immediately lower your core temperature, and the results will last for an hour or more. 
  1. Put cold washcloths on your neck or wrists. Soak washcloths or other rags in cold water, wring them out, and lay them across the back of your neck or wrists. Ahhh. Ice packs will also do the trick. Since these spots have blood vessels close to your skin’s surface, you’ll cool down more quickly. 
  1. Put fans in your windows. Placing fans in your windows facing out helps pull hot air out of your house and replaces it with cooler air. Box fans are best for this, but most circular fans will also work. 
  1. Create your own AC. Speaking of fans, try this cool trick: Put a large bowl of ice (a few ice packs can work, too) in front of a fan. As the wind blows across the ice, it creates a soothing mist that will quickly cool you down. This may soon become your favorite spot in your house. 
  1. Close your curtains. Be sure to keep curtains or blinds closed on windows facing the sun during the day. Otherwise, the sun’s rays reflecting through the glass will act like a greenhouse and further heat your living space.
  1. Keep windows cracked at night. Take advantage of lower night temperatures and let the cool air in at night while you sleep. This may help you sleep better, while also letting you wake up to cooler indoor conditions. For best results, open windows across from each other to create a refreshing cross breeze. 
  1. Stay hydrated. Simply drinking enough water when it’s hot out is one of the best ways to stay cool. Without enough water, you can’t stay as cool as you need to because your body won’t be able to generate enough sweat. So be sure to keep that water bottle close by.
  1. Head to the basement. If your home has a basement, head downstairs for quick relief. Since heat rises, the lower levels will be the coolest place in the house. You may want to sleep down there as well to enjoy cooler temperatures at night. 

Do have other DIY cooling tips? Please let us know. You can also email us or call 253-336-3777 with your AC questions or to request maintenance or installation of other HVAC components. And in the meantime, stay cool!

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