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Heat Pumps

Ranger Heating & Cooling is experienced in the service, repair, and installation of heat pumps in Tacoma, WA, and its surrounding area. A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from one place to another, from indoors to outdoors or from outdoors to indoors. For homes with no access to natural gas, heat pumps offer an efficient and reliable solution for heating and cooling.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

In the winter, a heat pump works like a heater, extracting heat energy from outside and transferring it inside. In the summer, the process reverses, and it will remove heat from your home and transfer it outside like an air conditioner. Heat pumps do this so well that many people in warmer climates exclusively rely on a heat pump for year-round comfort. For those living in colder climates, they use electric-powered heat pumps in conjunction with their gas or oil furnace resulting in lower heating costs.

Heat pumps work with a series of coils drawing energy from air, water, or the ground. In this way, they are very environmentally friendly and are the most energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home. Heat pumps also work extremely efficiently, because they simply transfer heat, rather than burn fuel to create it. This makes them a greener alternative to traditional gas or oil furnaces. Though you may think you’re unfamiliar with them, they traditionally heat swimming pools and hot tubs, so you most likely have come in contact with them and not even known it.

Different Types of Heat Pumps

There are three types of heat pumps: air-to-air, water source, and geothermal. As mentioned above, they collect their heat from the air, water, and outside-your-home ground and concentrate it for use. Call Ranger Heating & Cooling to discuss the basic differences between these types and which one would work best for you and your home.

Are Heat Pumps Expensive?

Installation costs of heat pumps are higher than with a traditional furnace or air conditioner, but the savings over time in annual energy costs make up for the difference in five to ten years. Performing proper operation and maintenance of your heat pump will also save you money, as you’ll use less energy, thus resulting in less cost. Be sure to ask your HVAC professional for the proper thermostat setting and the indoor pump’s fan operation. Not following the recommended guidelines can inhibit the maximized running of the pump and can degrade the unit itself. Regular maintenance can prevent degradation as well. Consistent filter changing or cleaning is necessary for a well-running heat pump. Seasonal cleaning of coils and fans go a long way in preventing poor energy efficiency that can end up costing you more money. The energy difference between a well-maintained system and a neglected one can be anywhere from 10 to 25 percent.

To determine the appropriate type of heat pump for you, which can be contingent upon the geography and climate around your Tacoma, WA or surrounding-area home or office space, or to discuss any of these topics, call us today at 253-336-3777 or request service online for an evaluation.

Need Heat Pump Service?

Contact the heat pump experts!

Heat Pump Installation in Puyallup, WA 98375

Performed by

“Got the unit in before next weeks heat so we shall see it prove it's worth soon enough.”

– Jesse M.

Heat Pump Installation in Gig Harbor, WA 98332

Performed by

“Robby Courson and the rest of the tech team at Ranger is awesome. They're super professional and courteous. Scheduling is easy, too.”

– Andrew M.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Browns Point, WA 98422

Performed by

“Jared came out and provided excellent service and support regarding our heat pump and heat exchanger. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He resolved some technical challenges we were having with our system, offered excellent advice on homeowner care and maintenance and the cost was very reasonable – well below what I expected to pay. This was not the first time I had used Ranger Heating & Cooling – good service before as well, and a good company overall.
february 2018″

– Vic S.

Heat Pump Replacement in Tacoma, WA 98467

Performed by

“Geoff was great. Very personable and helpful as well as professional. I will recommend ranger heating to others.”

– Dixie C.

Heat Pump Installation in West Seattle, WA 98127

“After looking at several options we decided to go with Ranger Heating for our new system. We decided we wanted to go with a Heat pump system so that we would have cooling and heating, but also needed to replace the furnace for a backup heating source. They did a great job answering our questions, educating us on the different options, and guiding us to the right solution. I remember in our meeting that I was told that we would love the difference on how the system maintained the temperature, but I had no idea what that meant until after we have used it for a few months. All I can say is we love our system and how consistent the temperature in the house is at all times. The install was completed all in one day as promised, and everyone working for Ranger Heating was professional to work with. I would and have recommended them to both family and friends and do so with confidence that they will take care of them.

Thanks for a great job, and a great system.

– Ray P.

Heat Pump Installation in Auburn, WA 98092

“My husband and I were recently in the market for a heat pump and furnace.
We got a few quotes, and decided to go with Ranger because we have had a Trane system in the past and were happy with it. And Jeremy presented us with a super professional bid. He followed up with us to answer questions and we felt really confident moving forward. We actually upgraded to a tankless hot water system at the same time which wasn't the original plan, but we felt it was worth the investment.
From the initial call from Jessie, I have been impressed with every single staff member I have been in contact with. When the installation team, Daniel and Matt came I was pleased with the respect and conscientiousness. They wore shoe covers and drop cloths of course, but also they used my name instead of calling me Ma'am. The second day they worked 14 hours without a sigh or a peep of complaint.
I had a couple questions about the system and the gas line that was relocated, Sean came right out and has blown us both away with the willingness to support us all and getting everything working to our 100% satisfaction.
I am so happy we decided to go with Ranger for this investment.
I have complete and total faith that Ranger will continue to stand behind their work. We are lifelong customers and we will be sharing about our experience to anyone we know who needs similar work done at their home.

– Megan W.

Heat Pump Installation in Renton, WA 98055

“Excellent Experience!!
Ranger Heating and Cooling removed our 1979 Oil furnace and replaced it with a multi-stage heat pump and A/C. Everything from the bid process to the installation was exceptional. David, our sales representative was very thorough. He answered all of my questions and gave me a detailed proposal at the time of the walkthrough. Once they won the bid, their administrative staff was very helpful in scheduling the installation and providing a reminder call the day prior. The technicians were on time, professional, highly proficient and very friendly. The electricians were also terrific! They ran into some challenges, but were able to troubleshoot them on the spot and come up with a great solution. The entire crew was very conscientious of keeping the house clean…always wearing shoe covers inside, laying drop cloths, etc. They left the inside and outside spotless! Sean, the lead installer provided a very thorough walkthrough of the equipment, the thermostat, and he helped us install the app which allows us to manage our thermostat via our phones. I would say this was one of the best customer service experiences I've had. I would highly recommend Ranger to anyone in need of heat/air equipment or servicing! They are top notch across the board!

– Kelly H.

Heat Pump Installation in Federal Way, WA 98023

Performed by

“Ranger Heating and Cooling removed my 7 year old pile of junk Goodman furnace and replaced it with a Trane furnace and added a Trane heat pump. From my first phone call to completion of the install I can say without a doubt that Ranger is highly professional in all departments of the company.
The install crew did a fantastic job and was very courteous to make sure they kept my house clean from the garage to the inside of my house, they always put on the shoe covers and vacuumed the area they were in. The install crew never seemed to rush to get the job done. They took their time and made sure the job was done correctly. To me this is the way it should be.
I can't think of anything negative to say about this company. Price seemed good for what I was getting and compared to Lenox and Carrier all three were around the same price. I did a lot of research on different brand furnaces and price always seemed to be around the same but Trane had the best reviews.
I would recommend Ranger Heating and Cooling to anyone in the market for any of their heating or cooling needs. These guys are top notch. No strings or B.S. with Ranger.

– Chris B.

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