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Video – Do You Want to Reduce Your Energy Bills?

November 26, 2019
A light.

Upgrade your HVAC equipment to help you save money on your monthly energy bills. Call us at 253-336-3777 today for more information. Contact the experts!

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Video – Outdoor Electrical Safety

October 25, 2019
A room.

When working with electrical equipment outside, be sure to follow basic outdoor electrical safety procedures. For installation or repairs, always have a qualified electrician do the electrical work. Call us at 253-336-3777 if you have any questions or before beginning any kind of electrical maintenance. Contact the experts!

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Video – Indoor Electrical Safety

September 30, 2019
indoor electrical safety.

Keep your home safe from fire and electrocution by understanding basic indoor electrical safety procedures. Be sure to check extension cords, light bulbs, outlets, appliances, etc. for anything that could be hazardous. For installation or repairs, always have a qualified electrician do the electrical work. Call our Ranger Heating & Cooling professionals at 253-336-3777 if…

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Video – What Is Carbon Monoxide?

June 17, 2019
carbo.n monoxide

The CDC estimates that 400 people per year die of carbon monoxide poisoning, 20,000 more visit the emergency room and 4,000 people are hospitalized. Find out how you can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your home today.

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Video – Does Indoor Air Quality Affect My Pet?

May 29, 2019
pets and air quality.

Protect your pets from indoor air pollution by changing your air filters regularly.

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Video – Reduce Allergies With Air Duct Cleaning

April 30, 2019

Reduce the causes of allergies by getting your air ducts professionally cleaned.

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Video – Replace Your Air Filter

February 27, 2019

Change your Tacoma HVAC filters regularly, as recommended which is usually at least every three months. A good HEPA filter will catch the particles before they reach your lungs. There’s so much floating in the air our eyes can’t see and changing your filter as recommended makes all the difference.

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Video – Summer Energy Saving Tip 1 Tacoma, WA

September 14, 2018

Summer is an optimal time to cook outside! It is no secret that your oven will toast your house up and cooking on a cold day is nice sometimes, but in the summer it will warm your house up in an unnecessary way. Try to utilize the opportunity you might have to cook outside.

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Video – What is a Heat Pump?

May 15, 2018

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from one place to another, from inside your Tacoma home to outside or from outside to inside. In the winter a heat pump works like a heater, extracting heat energy from outside and transferring it inside. In the summer the process reverses and it will remove…

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