Oil Furnace Service in Tacoma: Why You Need Regular Furnace Servicing

Oil Furnace Service in Tacoma: Why You Need Regular Furnace Servicing

Tacoma winters can get chilly. That’s usually when we realize that the furnace isn’t firing on all cylinders, and we need to get it checked out. Keeping an eye on your furnace all year round is the key to making sure that it’s ready to go when you need it.


Preventative Maintenance

If you wait until winter begins, you may get startling news—your furnace might be worse off than you think. Scheduling preventive maintenance periodically through the year ensures that, even when it hasn’t been turned on in a few weeks (or a few months) that your furnace isn’t going to disappoint come the first snowfall.

When you utilize preventative maintenance, you can save yourself the hassle of damaging your furnace unit further. When you don’t know that anything’s wrong, and you flip the switch to turn it on, it can cause more harm to the machine. Preventative maintenance spots these issues before they occur, saving you time, money, and sanity.


Saving Green

When you use preventative maintenance on a recurring basis, you’re going to end up saving cash in the long run. If your furnace continues to go unchecked for a while, it could be becoming progressively less efficient, costing you more in annual heating costs. More than that, it can lead to complete breakdowns, which is never a fun time. When you utilize RangerGuard, you get the full benefit of having a preventative maintenance specialist on call when you need one. Ranger Heating & Cooling are the only oil furnace service in Tacoma professionals who have your back, even when the weather gets rough.


Oil Furnace Issues: Odors or Fumes

It’s no secret that oil furnaces are going out of style, but they’re reliable and they get the job done. They’re great to have around. That’s why people are still using them, but they are also one of the most maintenance-needed type of furnaces available. When you get that odorous fume scent after kicking on your oil furnace, you could be experiencing a crack in the heat exchange.


Oil Furnace Issues: Constantly Smoking Chimney

This usually comes down to being a problem with your burner. This is never a DIY fix, and you should always consult a professional technician to handle it properly. If your burner is damaged and not functioning properly, you’re going to encounter more issues than an improperly-heated home. You’ll be looking at high bills and potential carbon monoxide leaks.


The Best Oil Furnace Service in Tacoma

Whether you subscribe to our RangerGuard program or call us for a one-time fix, you’re one of the family. Let us handle your oil furnace issues—it’s our specialty. When you call Ranger Heating, you’re not just getting a team of field experts with knowhow and the means to get the job done, you’re getting serviced by the ultimate oil furnace repair in all of Tacoma.