Buy what you want, when you want it, with a Home Projects Visa Credit Card and get HVAC Financing in Tacoma…


HVAC Financing in Tacoma is very simple: A Home Projects Visa credit card is an easy and convenient way to pay for your Home Projects Visa purchases. Plus, as a Home Projects Visa cardholder you can enjoy exclusive special benefits throughout the year, such as:

  • Special promotional offers where available.
  • Advance notice of Home Projects Visa events.
  • Open line of credit for all your purchasing needs.
  • Convenient monthly payments.
  • Quick credit decision.

Wells Fargo Financial National Bank issues the Home Projects Visa credit card and extends credit under the Home Projects Visa credit card. To apply to Wells Fargo Financial National Bank for an Home Projects Visa credit card, apply online by selecting the button above or follow the instructions below to apply by mail.

If you choose to apply online, you must provide an e-mail address. If we are able to complete the evaluation of your application within approximately 45 seconds. We will notify you of the credit decision online. You can check the status of your application at any time by clicking hereView the Home Projects Visa credit card account agreement and disclosures online. View our online Privacy Policy.HVAC Financing Tacoma

Looking for longer term, lower monthly payment options?

We work with Salal Credit Union to get you a long term (10-year) loan at a reasonable interest rate (7.95%) for your home improvements. You can even finance their $146 filing fee, for truly no money out-of-pocket for your new installation. Monthly payment is 1.213% of the total amount financed, or $12.13 for every $1,000 financed. There are no early payoff penalties. So you can double pay when you’re able, but have a low minimum payment during holiday or family birthday months. Click here to download the Salal Credit Union application for credit. Once completed, email the application to Please allow 1-2 business days for us to receive a response from Salal Credit Union, and get back to you.

Call us: 253-285-1321