Trane High Efficiency Heat Pumps

Today’s heat pumps provide more comfort and efficiency than ever. Our more efficient Trane heat pumps actually variate the heating or cooling output, so you’re comfortable in our mild weather throughout the year, but have the necessary capacity for the colder or warmer days. Whatever size your home, whenever you need; we’re dedicated to providing the very best investment you can make for your family.

Our team of factory-trained technicians can be in and out of your home inHeat pumps a day the vast majority of the time, with very short notice, and you won’t even know they were there. What you will notice, however, is a home that is comfortable and a system that is saving you money every time it’s running. We have a 100% money-back guarantee all of our installations, and we know you’ll be satisfied.

Call (253) 336-3777 or email to get comfortable today.

For more information on our most popular heat pumps ever, click here to learn more about our Trane Variable Speed Heat Pumps.

Trane XV20i

Variable-Speed, Ultra Efficiency

The most efficient heat pump available from Trane and the quietest sound rating of 54 dB (at minimum speed)- the ultimate comfort machine.

Trane XV18

Variable-Speed, Ultra Efficiency

Our most popular heat pump, the variable-speed XV18 is the heat pump 70% of our customers choose to keep them comfortable all year long. Consistent temperature and humidity; while never wasting energy through our mild seasons.

Trane XL18i

Two-Stage, Super Efficiency

Although the efficiency and operation is the same as the XR17, the cap on the XV18 makes this a quieter heat pump. It adds 2 years to the compressor warranty.

Trane XR17

Two-Stage, Super Efficiency

The 2-stage XR17 is a good upgrade option for those that simply want more than the capability of single-stage operation. Here in the PNW, we need the heating capacity for the very cold or very warm days. Most of the year, 70% capacity (1st stage) is still more than enough.

Trane XL16i

Single-Stage, High Efficiency

The lowest sound level and the most efficient of all of Trane's single-stage heat pump systems. The XL16i has been in production the longest of the current available heat pumps. Although single-stage heat pumps are being phased out, this is still a great choice, especially "over the mountains" where temperatures are more extreme, more often.

Trane XR14

Single-Stage, Standard Effeciency

Reliability you've come to know from Trane in a cost-conscious heat pump solution.