Trane Variable Speed Heat Pumps

Trane Variable Speed Heat PumpsVariable speed heat pumps by Trane are by far the most efficient, most comfortable, and most advanced variable speed heat pumps ever made. The range of operation is greater than every competing, conventional variable speed heat pump. The critical parts are refrigerant/liquid cooled- a Trane exclusive, and the heat pump units communicate perfectly with the Trane controls and the other system components.

Many of us have gotten used to warm/cold spots in our home, or think that multiple degrees under or over the temperature you desire is normal. In the summertime, we’re also used to dropping the air temperature in our homes with our air conditioning systems without ever considering the effect of humidity. Our “on/off” (single stage) air conditioners don’t actually keep both the temperature AND the humidity consistent. Lastly, many of us don’t know that our heating systems are (should be) sized to keep your home warm when it’s 20 degrees outside, but we spend most of our winter in a mild and wet 50-55 degree climate, spending way more than we need on our heating bills!

air conditioning thermostat installationNot anymore! Now, whether it’s 20 degrees or 100 degrees (or anywhere in between), our Trane XV18 or XV20i variable speed heat pumps will run exactly as long as it needs, at exactly the necessary capacity to keep your home within a 1/2 degree of whatever temperature you like. With our advanced dealer diagnostic tools, we’ll be informed by email when your system isn’t running perfectly, so we can proactively schedule a technician for a free diagnostic and repair (for RangerGuard Platinum members) or simply remind you to change your filter or clean your Trane CleanEffects. Either way, you won’t find a better combination than our Trane variable speed heat pumps and Ranger Heating & Cooling.


Ranger heatingCombined this system with Ranger Heating & Cooling’s exclusive RangerGuard Platinum monthly or annual memberships, you won’t pay one additional cent for ANYTHING: we cover your annual preventative maintenance tune-up, any diagnostics, return trips, after-hours calls, filters for the year, and even give you $50 per year towards accessories to make your home safer, more efficient, and more comfortable, AND discounts on other mechanical needs and accessories for your home.

Call Ranger Heating & Cooling today at (253) 336-3777 to schedule your FREE in-home consultation, where we’ll design the perfect variable speed heat pump system (or a few options for those that want their choices), and leave a printed proposal that’s good for 90 days! Any current promotions, however, do have an expiration date, so be sure to pay attention to the proposal for that information. For a list of current promotions, click here.

Thanks again for considering Ranger Heating & Cooling for the very best installation of your new Trane variable speed heat pump system. We guarantee your satisfaction and know that no other company in the Puget Sound area offers the value of Ranger Heating & Cooling.

The Best Trane Variable Speed Heat Pumps